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What you need to know if you are injured on a boat, dock or ferry or at a marina or ferry terminal.

The Hudson River waterfront has seen exponential growth in pleasure boating, commuter ferries & corresponding use of marinas & ferry terminals. While mostly safe, there is an occasional accident or injury sometimes unfortunately life altering. If you were involved in an accident or injury on a vessel, dock, marina or ferry terminal you should be mindful of the following tips:

Injuries can occur on a boat, dock or ferry

1. Some of the facilities are owned by government entities which means that a formal notice of claim must be filed within 90 days, sometimes sooner, otherwise you may be legally prohibited from filing suit at all & waive your rights. 2. Some government entities have shortened the time frame within which a formal lawsuit must be filed otherwise you can lose your rights. 3. There are often different sets of rules that apply including maritime law or admiralty law often referred to as “the law of the sea”. These rules date back over 100 years & were originally designed to protect sailors & boat owners to encourage maritime activity but can have a significant impact on your case. 4. Which law applies? Governmental protections, maritime peculiarities or general tort law will have a great impact on the case. You should immediately consult with a qualified attorney to preserve your rights before you unwittingly loose them

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