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Legal malpractice is often the result of inattentiveness or neglect resulting in the dismissal or loss of your case. They are somewhat complicated in that they require both proof of legal malpractice and proof that the original underlying case would likely have been successful. As an experienced attorney certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney, Mr. Murphy is very familiar with both the legal standards that need to be met in most civil litigations and evaluation of the likelihood of success in the original underlying litigation.


Please call or email Raymond Murphy if you would like to discuss a potential legal malpractice matter. 

Legal Malpractice


Raymond E Murphy Jr Fighting For You
Types of Cases
  • General inattentiveness or neglect in pursuing your case

  • Failure to meet deadlines such as the statute of limitations

  • Failure to meet deadlines such as producing expert witnesses and complying with discovery

  • Failure to provide Affidavit of Merit and expert witness reports

  • Neglecting to make a claim on your behalf


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