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Video for falls & accidents. Raymond E Murphy Jr Law Office

Let's go to the video if you are seriously injured in a fall or auto accident. We live in a visual and video world. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are at the fingertips of jurors. Jurors expect visual evidence in the form of photographs and video is even better.

After necessary medical care one of your first priorities should be to either obtain a copy of the video before it loops over or disappears. For example, many public entities maintain video of public areas and roadways for only 7 days before it is overwritten. To ensure preservation of this video evidence you need to provide both a verbal and written request. Alternatively, you can promptly retain a qualified experienced lawyer to secure the video and protect this valuable evidence in your case.

Having tried many cases, the impact from the video can make the difference between a win or a loss in court. It eliminates any doubts as to how the accident happened. It provides valuable evidence as to the condition of the property and sometimes the types of injuries that occurred. Likewise the video can confirm issues such as lighting, surface condition, debris, snow and ice.

I have successfully used videos in escalator, stairway, retail store and auto accidents as well as negligent security and other cases. In all of the cases, getting the video early made a big difference in the strategy the quality of the evidence and the case result.

Don't delay - get the video immediately and seek advice from an experienced and qualified attorney.

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