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You will be treated as an individual in your personal injury case as Raymond Murphy accepts a limited number of personal injury matters so that each case can receive the full benefit of his vast experience. Many firms have a large volume of cases and are unable to give each case the personal attention that it deserves. This volume approach of other firms often results in cases being settled for smaller amounts or amounts of essentially less than the value of the case. Mr. Murphy aggressively pursues fair and business like resolution of your case early in the case, sometimes through trending techniques in alterative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration.  However, if your case cannot be fairly resolved, Mr. Murphy prepares each case and is ready, willing and able to bring your case to trial before a jury when it is necessary. 

Personal Injury


Raymond E Murphy Personal Injury Attorney
Types of Cases

Personal injury can arise from a variety of sources.

Cases are often a result of the carelessness or disregard of safety by companies or individuals. Some examples would include:


  • Workplace injuries

  • Slip & fall on snow and ice or other dangerous conditions

  • Stairway accidents

  • Negligent security

  • Victims of crimes such as assault

  • Motor vehicle accidents 

  • Injuries at school or on the athletic field

  • Bicycling accidents

Bicycle Accidents & Safety Warnings
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Raymond E Murphy Personal Injury
Verdicts & Settlements


Work injury at commercial laundry facility. Package included guaranteed future income for injured worker & his family, medical care for life, college/educational annuities, customization of home, elimination of past medical bills.

Settlement Package - $28 Million

Boating accident at marina. Woman fell off boat sustaining serious injuries. Complex case involving toxicology, neurosurgery, engineering, marina operations & industrial equipment experts.

Settlement Package - $3.7 Million

Auto accident resulting in significant injuries with 3 spinal surgeries. Complex medical causation involving neuro and orthopedic surgeries.

 Mediated Settlement - $2.3 Million

Work injury at shipping terminal with injury to forearm with multiple surgeries 

 Settlement - $1.350 Million

Slip and fall on sidewalk with snow and ice, ankle fracture, no surgery 

Jury verdict- $275,000

Slip and fall on snow and ice at work, aggravation of underlying back injuries 

Settlement- $425,000

Work injury on industrial equipment with injury to hand, arm & shoulder with multiple surgeries

Settled during trial- $1.5 Million

Slip and fall on ice at store, serious back injuries, herniated discs 

Mediated Settlement- $375,000

Facial burn on radiator on three year old 

Settled during trial- $200,000



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