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Tips for Pedestrians & Drivers to Avoid Accidents

With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, it is important as a driver to be mindful that there are more pedestrians enjoying the holiday weekend - walking, running, jogging and biking. The incidence of pedestrian accidents increases as the weather gets better. Having analyzed many pedestrian injuries from cars, most such accidents are easily avoidable. Simple safety tips for a pedestrian, biker, runner or even dog walker:

1. Wear a reflective vest whether you were walking during the day or evening;

2. Stay in the crosswalk; and

3. Stay off your phone.

Unfortunately, the road is cluttered with distracted drivers more focused on their smart phones, texting, social media, telephone conversations or navigation system. Compounding this problem is that drivers are often in a needless rush. Not surprisingly, I have observed over the years many accidents which could have been prevented if the driver simply had not been in a rush. As a driver, I recommend for your own personal safety and the safety of pedestrians to take 15 seconds at the start of every journey and focus yourself for the trip, whether you are driving the kids to school, going to the store or going on vacation. Prior to getting in the car, take the time to plan your route and you will spend less time focused on your navigation app and more time focused on the road.

Pedestrian Safety

When we analyze a pedestrian vehicle collision, we of course consider the physical evidence from the accident scene. Often, we find that there are video cameras at intersections that record the accident and answer a lot of questions. In addition, we look to digital evidence from the vehicle's Black Box/Electronic Data Recording System as well as phone records to determine if the driver had been texting or talking at time of the accident. We also examine the location of the accident to determine if there have been other accidents.

Be safe, focused and aware both this Memorial weekend. If we can be of assistance to you will your family with regard to pedestrian or other types of accidents, please contact us for a free

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